Welcome to the Order of the Arrow Chapter Details and Desserts


 Learning about the Order of the Arrow and Your First Ordeal!

Are you new to the Order of the Arrow (O.A.)?  Do you have questions?  We try to have an open house meeting to inform you of what is required from a Scout in the O.A., the organization as a whole, and What the O.A. has to offer the Scouts!

Please look through the following links to PowerPoint presentation and word documents to answer any questions you may have about the Ordeal, Order of the Arrow, and what to expect!

Good luck On Your Ordeal!

Downloadable Information!

Download the Welcome to the Order of the Arrow! ————————> Details and Dessert welcome  (Word)

Download the Invitation  about the Details and deserts meeting! —-> O.A. Details & Desserts Invitation  (Word)

Download the presentation about many things in the O.A.! ————> Details and Desserts new 2017  (PowerPoint)