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2013 Conclave Drumbeat

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

A special Conclave edition of the Drumbeat is available for download here with important information for Blue Heron Lodge Arrowmen. Please check it out!

Conclave Early Bird Deadline

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Conclave 2012The $40 Early Bird fee for Conclave 2012 expires on Wednesday, March 14, after which the fee increases to $60. If you have not yet registered, please do so NOW!

Lodge members can sign up for conclave at


Monday, February 27th, 2012

Conclave is here again, and Blue Heron lodge is gearing up for what will be the best one yet.  We are heading back to the stone age as a Flintstone’s weekend is held at Camp Rock Enon, though perhaps Camp Bedrock Enon would be more accurate.  Between making props, building cars, and practicing lodgeball, we are gearing up for a stunning exposition of 349 prowess.

Every great performance started with great practice, and every great practice started with great members.  Lodge members can sign up for conclave at

Now, prices start at just $40 per person, and they stay at that way until March 14.  While that is a couple of stones, the price goes up to $60 after March 14. As the old saying goes, the early pterodactyl catches the velociraptor. If paying at the gate, members can expect the trip to cost $80, twice as many frogskins than if participants pay now.  The fewer turns of the hours glass it takes to get the rocks in, the more geodes can stay in dino skin wallets.

The neanderthals going are having scheduled clan gatherings the second Monday of every month, or March 12 and April 7.  They are also meeting April 14 and 21 for sports practice.   The meetings will occur at Old Donation Episcopal Church, 4449 North Witchduck Road.  Car building will be on March 17 at the Scout store.  Conclave itself is April 27-29.

So gather round all you Fred and Barney hopefuls; Conclave is fast approaching. Be sure to get there in more modern cars, because otherwise the first night will be seeing a lot of sore feet!