Ceremonial Team

Welcome to the Blue Heron Lodge Ceremonial Team Page! Our team is responsible for performing
approximately six Ordeal ceremonies and six Brotherhood ceremonies each year as a part of
Blue Heron’s inductions process. Ceremonies are intended to make the induction experience
more meaningful for the candidate and are performed with a level of respect and professionalism
appropriate to the OA.

Regular updates are emailed to all ceremonial team members. To be added to the list, email
David Torbert.


No aspect of the OA, the ceremonies, or the inductions process as a whole should ever interfere with the
religious obligations of any Arrowman or candidate, nor should anyone be made to feel uncomfortable as a
result. If you are a parent and have questions about the inductions process, feel free to contact
the Lodge Adviser, John Donat, or the Ceremonial Team Adviser,
David Torbert.

Service Opportunities

There are a number of ceremonies-related service opportunities available. See below to find
one that interests you:

  • Ceremonial Team. The ceremonial team presents the official Ordeal and Brotherhood
    inductions ceremonies at lodge events. Ceremonial parts must be memorized and presented
    accurately. If you are interested in joining the team, come to a practice.

  • Ceremonial Grounds. Quite a bit of work goes into preparing the ring for use at
    events. Help is always needed Friday night before the Pre-Ordeal ceremony to set up the
    ring properly. If you are interested in helping out with the grounds, contact the chairman
    Eric Devault or just show up Friday afternoon and offer to lend a hand.

  • Creating regalia. In April, the Lodge Executive Committee approved the creation of a
    set of Native American outfits (called “regalia”) for the ceremonialists to wear. If you are
    interested in helping out, please let Rick know.

  • Chapter Ceremonies. Each chapter has a ceremonial team responsible for producing a
    call-out at the district spring camp-o-ree and for performing at Eagle Courts or bridging
    ceremonies as requested by local units. For more information, see your chapter chief or
    chapter ceremonies chairman.

  • Guides and other personnel. There are several miscellaneous functions that need to be
    performed at Ordeal ceremonies. For example, we usually have a guide assisting with the
    presenting of sashes and a uniformed Arrowman to ask for the admonition as members enter the
    ring. If you are interested in helping out, let us know.

  • Elangomats. Elangomats guide a group of candidates through their ordeal. As an
    Elangomat, you get to wear a Native American ribbon shirt and participate with your clan in the

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