Blue Heron Website History

Early Website

Blue Heron’s first website was created in 1996 by Kerry Sipe as a subpage of the Tidewater Council site and was hosted by the Virginian-Pilot at

June 1997

November 1998

In 1997, we bought the domain (unrelated to the site currently at that domain). This site had, very briefly, some “ahead of its time” features, including a discussion board and a section for restricted files pertaining to OA ceremonies.

December 2001

A Modern Facelift

In 2004, we gave the site, then hosted by Tidewater Council, a facelift and a more modern look, which was the core of the website until 2012.

May 2005

February 2009


In 2012, we launched the current WordPress-based site. This data-driven site features the popular content management system WordPress and allows our officers, chairmen, and advisers to post news items with little or no technical knowledge. It also features a mobile version using a plugin called WPTouch.

February 2012

February 2012

Mobile Site Feb 2012 - Menu

Mobile Site Feb 2012 - Home