Accessing your email address

Blue Heron Lodge uses Google Apps for our email.

If your chapter or committee would like to have an email address, please contact (These addresses are for official lodge business only, not for personal use.) In most cases, account names will be created for your position, for example,, with an alias for the name of the current holder of that position. That way, when you hand off the account to your successor, they will have access to the relevant messages.

Please note that your username is (not, but messages sent to either address will reach you. You can (and should) change your display name to be

To access your email in a browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with (not

Please note that if you configure your phone or a mail client to connect to read your email, you must set your USERNAME to the name as well. However, you can still make your display name be your name.

blue heron lodge email settings

blue heron lodge advanced email settings