How do I get our Troop’s OA candidates recognized at a summer camp call-out ceremony if I’m at an Out-of-Council summer camp?

Page 23 of the Guide for Officers and Advisers says the following:

Call-outs should be conducted by the OA lodge of the council in which the troop or team is chartered. This is the preferred method of call-out. It is recognized that there is some value in holding a call-out at a summer camp. A lodge may not call out candidates from a visiting out-of-council troop or team unless the unit leader presents a letter from the home lodge chief and lodge adviser, requesting the call-out and identifying the members to be called out. A signed copy of the home lodge’s unit election report must accompany this letter. The home lodge chief and lodge adviser must receive confirmation of the call-out following the event.

If a Troop/Team is planning to have their OA candidates called out at an Out-of-Council Summer Camp, the Unit Leader is required to present a letter of request from the Lodge Chief or Lodge Adviser of Blue Heron Lodge to the Camp Director and Lodge Chief of the Host Council.  The earlier you start the process to request the letter from the Lodge, the sooner you can expect to receive it.  The Lodge Chief will need the name of the camp your unit is attending, the dates your unit is registered to attend summer camp, the Council in which the Camp is located, the names, ranks, and unit positions of any youth or adults to be called out.

On the return to Blue Heron Lodge the Unit Leader should contact the Lodge Induction Team to acquire Lodge Ordeal schedule and registration information.

All Ordeal functions will be performed in Tidewater Council under the direction of Blue Heron Lodge, unless, as per page 23 of the Guide for Officers and Advisers, “religious custom and observance precludes attendance at the Ordeals of a Scout’s home lodge”. Please contact the Lodge Adviser if an exemption is needed.

Candidates have one year from the date of election (not the date of the call-out) to complete their Ordeal. It is important to use good judgment in scheduling — Blue Heron Lodge holds Ordeals in May and August and so if the election is held in March, and the candidate is called out at summer camp in July, he will have only one opportunity to complete the Ordeal before the expiration of the one year.

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