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Gregson Center Fund Patches

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

A set of four patches has been commissioned by Blue Heron Lodge to raise funds for much needed repairs and maintenance of the Gregson Center.

The patch set features two 8″ back patches and two 4″ patches. Each sized patch is available in a blue and silver border. The back patches are available for $20 each and the regular patches are available for $10 each. The cost for the set is $60. All proceeds will be put towards the Gregson Center Fund.

200 of each patch were made and they will be offered at each lodge event until sold out. For more information, please email the Custodian Adviser, Mr. Bill Stine, at

Gregson Center Back Patch

Gregson Center Back Patch

Window Replacement at the Gregson Center

Window Replacement at the Gregson Center

About the Gregson Center

The Gregson Center first opened in 1996. It was funded and built by Blue Heron Lodge to honor Brian Gregson, who passed away in a surfing accident during his term as Lodge Chief. The Gregson Center houses the Lodge’s museum, as well as a welcome center.

Gregson Center Floor Plans

Gregson Center Floor Plan

Gregson Center (2007)

Gregson Center (2007)

Lodge Officer Changes

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

At the 2014 SR-7A Conclave, Blue Heron Lodge Secretary-Treasurer Andrew Sorenson was elected Section Chief and Vice Chief of Administration Kevin Lee was elected Section Vice Chief.

Policy require that when a lodge officer is elected Section Chief, that he vacate his lodge positions. Under our lodge rules, the Lodge Chief is charged with appointing a replacement subject to confirmation by the Lodge Executive Committee.

At the May Lodge Executive Committee meeting, Tyler Rush was appointed to fill the remainder of Andrew Sorenson’s term as Lodge Secretary-Treasurer.

May Ordeal 2014

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

We had a great weekend up at Pipsico. Blessed with stunningly beautiful weather, 90 new members completed their Ordeal and 24 brothers sealed their membership in the Brotherhood ceremony.

Check out these pictures from the Ordeal (and be sure to register for the upcoming August Ordeal):

It was a beautiful weekend at Pipsico Scout Reservation

It was a beautiful weekend at Pipsico Scout Reservation

2014 May Ordeal new Brotherhoods

2014 May Ordeal new Brotherhoods

Ordeal Ceremony #1

Ordeal Ceremony #1

Ordeal Ceremony #1 - closing

Ordeal Ceremony #1 – closing

Ordeal Ceremony #2

Ordeal Ceremony #2

Ordeal Ceremony #2 - closing

Ordeal Ceremony #2 – closing

Spring 2014 Drumbeat

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

The Spring 2014 Drumbeat has been published. Check it out to see a preview of Conclave, a message from your National Vice Chief, and reports from chapters, officers, and committees.

And be sure to check out the Drumbeat page to see back issues. We have added a selection of Drumbeats from the 1990s with more on the way.

Last chance to register for Conclave

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The final deadline to register for the 2014 SR-7A Conclave is April 15, 2014. The fee (including the $15 late fee) is $55.

This year’s Conclave will be held at Camp Shenandoah in Swoop, VA, just west of Staunton.

Register now at!

Winter Drumbeat Published

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The Winter 2013/14 Drumbeat has been published. Check it out to see photos from last year’s events and to find out what is going on with your chapter and committees.

And be sure to check out the Drumbeat page to see back issues. We have added a selection of Drumbeats from the 1990s with more on the way.

March Ordeal Registration

Friday, March 7th, 2014

The deadline for candidate registration for the March Ordeal is Saturday, March 15. The deadline for member registration without penalty is the same day.

Information for candidates and their parents are at the Ordeal Candidate Instructions page. Please see also the FAQ page.

Members should use the 2014 event registration form.

Lodge Adviser’s Minute

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

2013 was an absolutely outstanding year for Blue Heron Lodge.  281 Scouts were elected as candidates for induction into the Order of the Arrow, and 254 of them inducted at one of this year’s three Ordeals, yielding a 90% induction rate.  87 Ordeal members earned Brotherhood, yielding a 38% Brotherhood conversion rate.  Blue Heron’s total membership currently stands at 855 members, an increase of 97 members (13% increase) over our 2012 membership.

Under the leadership Host Lodge Chairman, Kevin Roetz (adviser Erich Roetz), Blue Heron Lodge hosted the hugely-successful SR-7A Conclave 2013 at Pipsico Scout Reservation and a total of 1,035 members of the 6 lodges in SR-7A attended, the greatest Conclave attendance in SR-7A’s 16-year history, and the first SR-7A Conclave to draw over 1,000 members (and 359 Blue Heron members).  Conclave 2013 featured several “firsts”:  first-ever Conclave service project (led by past Blue Heron Lodge Chief, Preston Marquis); first-ever Chapter Leadership Summit (CLS), a special 5-hour training course for all SR-7A Chapter Chiefs and Advisers, planned and coordinated by past Blue Heron Lodge Chief, Taylor Bobrow; the SR-7A premier of  OA’s proposed new Brotherhood Ceremony; and past Blue Heron Lodge Chiefs, Taylor Bobrow and A.J. Kelly, were elected SR-7A Section Chief and Vice-Chief, respectively.

15 Blue Heron members (10 youth, 5 adults) served in a variety of staff positions at the 2013 National Jamboree.

LLDC 2013 Chairman, Will Wheaton (adviser Dan McFarland) planned and coordinated outstanding sessions for this year’s LLDC, which was held separately from the Holiday Banquet, and expanded to a Friday-night/all day Saturday event at Camp Hope Haven.

Fall Fellowship 2013 Chairman, Stephen Greiling (advisers Erich Roetz and Scott Greiling), put together an exciting program called “The Amazing Race-Blue Heron Edition”, in which Blue Heron’s 6 chapters raced around Pipsico stopping at various stations to complete a variety of fun and challenging tasks.  At Fall Fellowship, our new lodge officers were elected:  Lodge Chief Brendan Kane; Executive Vice Chief Justin Siddens; Vice Chief-Administration Kevin Lee; Vice Chief Operations Stephen Greiling; and Secretary/Treasurer Andrew Sorenson.


Now, we are entering a new lodge year, and we have a lot to do.  Our first task is for all of us to renew our membership by paying our 2014 dues right away.  Let’s get those dues forms in quickly, so we can move on to planning and conducting events.  2014 Lodge Chief Brendan Kane will hold the Lodge Officers’ and Adviser’s Retreat (LOAR) on January 4th, and the following Saturday, the lodge is hosting a Beaver Day at Pipsico (lunch provided).  Beaver Days are a great opportunity for lodge members to gather in fellowship and perform much needed improvements and maintenance to our camp.


Unit elections will also start in January and elections provide chapters with a good opportunity to develop chapter involvement and enthusiasm.  Soon afterward, we’ll have the March Ordeal.  At the end of April comes Conclave at Camp Shenandoah.  Last year, 359 Blue Heron members attended Conclave – let’s get the same sized group to attend Conclave 2014.


All of these efforts will require our enthusiastic participation, so let’s step up and seize the opportunity to be AWESOME!


In Cheerful Service,

John R. Donat, Lodge Adviser

Wapsumiechheken Achgeketum


Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Your Blue Heron Lodge Ceremonial Team needs your help! We owe it to each and every candidate to present a high-quality ceremony and we need team members. Are you a youth member willing to learn a part and perform with the Lodge team? Email to join.

Taylor Bobrow elected National Vice Chief

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Preston Marquis (right) was Blue Heron's first national vice chief in 2012.  Taylor Bobrow (left) was elected to the same office two years later.

Preston Marquis (right) was Blue Heron’s first national vice chief in 2012. Taylor Bobrow (left) was elected to the same office two years later.

At the national planning meeting in Dallas, TX, SR-7A Section Chief and former Blue Heron Lodge Chief Taylor Bobrow was elected to serve as National Vice Chief for 2014.

Taylor became the second Arrowman from Blue Heron Lodge to be elected National Vice Chief, along with Preston Marquis, who held the position two years earlier.